more painting

I have done a bit more painting on fabric…this time using inktense pencils (thank you Ginny!!)

I am going to finish this as a small wall quilt.

I saw the Dr on Monday and got a lot of blood drawn for more tests…..for both the joint pain and the stomach pain and I have a CAT scan scheduled for Friday……will keep you posted on what we find out.

Teddy went to see the groomer and is looking spiffy so he wanted his picture taken.

I put all the quilts in my Etsy shop on sale at 25% off until the end of August.

Happy quilting

Quilts for sale

I make a lot of quilts.   I have lost count of how many I have made since I started in 2006 but I have plans for many many more.  I have decided that it is time to let go of some to make room (and money) for more. I get sort of attached to them after putting all the hours of work into them but  I have listed several for sale on my Etsy site.      I have priced them far below what I really should.    If I were to add up the cost of materials and add the hours of work to hand quilt them the price would be much higher.

Here are the quilt currently listed for sale

2012_0821vintage-strip-quilt0002 dscn2866 fruit-basket-finished-007 tumbling-blocks-full il_570xN.410030426_wcwf il_570xN.584658750_4n5p il_570xN.584780907_2kbm il_570xN.919559437_3tkz

For more information go to my Etsy store here

I may add more soon

Happy Quilting


New Quilt top and some quilts for sale

I got another quilt top today.

30’s era, all solid pastel fabrics.  a combination of hand and machine piecing.  it is 67′ x  88′ and it comes from Lancaster County  PA.

I love the simplicity of the roman stripe pattern, and I think I will do simple hand quilting on this one.  it is in great shape with only one area on the border that has a small missing chunk that I can easily work around.

I have also opened a store on Etsy where I will be listing some quilts for sale

color-contrast-full 2010_072607-26-10owinja0002

these two are currently listed and I will be adding more soon.  see my Etsy store here or on click the button on the right side of the page. And keep updated with new items for sale by checking back in the Quilts for Sale page on the right.

Happy Quilting


Sunday Progress Report

I have a busy week coming up.  I start teaching a new floral design class on Tuesday (why it starts on Valentine’s Day I have no idea!) so there is a lot of prep for that, as well as the classes I teach for the Michigan floral association. 

I have made a bit more progress on the antique wild goose chase hand quilting

I am quilting this one pretty heavily so it does take some time!  You can see the quilting much better from the back.

I think It is even prettier from the back…..but I love whole cloth quilts

I have a report on the Antique Log Cabin that I recently finished.  It is warm and I love it!  So glad I decided to use it and not just have it for display!

I am feeling like its time for me to sell a few quilts…..quiling is not an inexpensive endeavor and selling one or two now and then helps to support my hobby/addiction.  here are the two candidates, and their posts

I will write-up some information on them and set a price and list them on my eBay page in the next few days. (see tab above)

(I added the information and listed them on 2/13/12)

The Michigan Floral Association Convention is quickly approaching and I am thinking that I will enter the floral design contest so I need to get busy and make some plans for that! 

It is snowy and very cold today!  The kind of weather that makes me less than energetic.

Hmmmmm……maybe I need a nap?

Happy Quilting