Teddy Bear

I have been working away on a Teddy Bear quilt.    I started it quite a while ago.

I stopped working on it because I was not feeling well, but I decided I need to finish it while the baby is still a baby ( I hope to get it in the mail tomorrow)
I was very careful to get all the steps on video and just finished downloading the video to find out that there is no sound!   So here are a few still pictures.

I just have to finish the binding.

I have my procedure on Thursday and hopefully I will be back t o work on Friday!   I have so many things I want to do.

Happy Quilting


Vintage Snowflake Quilt Top

Yesterday I posted a link to my post about making snowflakes


Today I got a vintage quilt top in the mail.  I don’t know the pattern source so I can’t say what the age is or the name of the pattern.  It was made like a snowflake by folding and cutting, and it looks like a snowflake so that Is what I am calling it.

snowflake top 001

The borders were made by folding and cutting as well.  The same way you would make a chain of paper dolls

paper doll

The corners don’t join correctly  but I think I will let that go

snowflake top 007 snowflake top 008 snowflake top 009 snowflake top 010

Here are some more pictures of the top and the quilt inspector (click pictures to enlarge)

This will make a great winter quilt some day…of course hand quilted

Happy Quilting


A quilt with buttons

Lately I have been drawn to quilts that don’t fit into a specific pattern.   They aren’t as impressive as the intricately pieced quilts but something about them really draws me in.

I recently purchased a quilt top from eBay that I really find interesting

button quilt 001

I looks like it was made up of recycled clothing.  I can see old seam lines in the fabrics

button quilt 007

I think the overall design is very pleasing.  I like the colors and the rather modern feel.

Teddy was taking a nap….but he came to see what I was doing…

button quilt 010

here he is with bed face.

the simple design calls for simple quilting…I will hand quilt this in a random pattern (unless I change my mind with is NOT uncommon)

For now it will be added to the pile of tops that need to be cataloged and stored

button quilt 008

There is no chance I will ever run out of quilts to work on!!

I am also in the drafting stage for a small whole cloth quilt….It is hard to see the lines in the pictures but I will post about it when I get the design set.

button quilt 011

I am also adding new pictures to the Timquilts Facebook page.  I am always fascinated by quilt patterns so I am starting a series of them and adding to the Facebook page …here is a sample

suspension bridge layout

Happy Quilting


Old and New

Toady I have been working on quilting the big whole cloth quilt.  I am nearly 1/2 way done with the secondary quilting.  Here are some progress pictures …I hope you aren’t tired of looking at this quilt, but it has been my main focus lately.  I have not been keeping accurate track of hours spent on this, I am not sure I want to know, but my current best guess is about 720 hours  (click pictures to enlarge)

I am getting ready to add a hanging sleeve to the whole cloth tree quilt that I finished a few months ago.  Here are some more pictures of that. So you can get an idea of size I took thees pictures on top of the other quilt. (click to enlarge)

I decided to clean out some of the clothes in my closet that I don’t wear anymore.  They are either out of style or way to big (or both) but I think they are going to make a great quilt! (or 2)

whole cloth progress 002

More Ideas on how that will happen soon.

Happy Quilting


Wild Goose Chase/Odd Fellow’s Quilt Top

Another eBay quilt top arrived yesterday.  I could not resist…I am powerless over antique quilt tops. 

How could I pass it up?  It has some of my favorite fabrics, cheddar, indigo, double pink, madder paisley, purple (which ages to a grey purple).  It has large squares for some fun hand quilting, it is good-sized, 76″ x 96″,  and It is a pattern that  I didn’t have.  So how much did it cost?…….drumroll……$21.50

some close-ups of the blocks (click to enlarge )

Why so cheap?

Someone thought it would be a good idea to wash it.  While I am not opposed to washing I do think that it is best to be careful!  this is what can happen when you aren’t

I still think It is great!…I can overlook the bleach spots(or whatever caused them) and the fading in a few spots, the overall is still great.  Sometimes when a top is washed it falls apart but this one was very well made…the stitches are so small and tight and even(I don’t think I could do as well)

As you can see I have some trimming of loose threads to do as a result of the washing.

I don’t often start a quilt as soon as it arrives but I started planning this one as soon as I unpacked it.

In an earlier post I wrote about some vintage templates that I have.  This quilt called out for one of those.  Here is the one I will use.

The large squares fit this template perfectly

The half blocks will get a partial wreath

The pieced blocks, Odd Fellow’s Or Wild Goose Chase (I can’t decide which to call it) will be outline quilted by the piece.

I mark with a clover wash away marking pen when the fabric is light-colored.  I did a test and it washes out with no problem.

I have a nice wide (108′) backing fabric to use

It is “Documentaries by Benartex” .  I think it feels at home with the top.  I will likely use an indigo binding.  The bating will be cotton. 

Now I have to finish up the marking, get it laid out and basted together and get to the fun part….Quilting!

I will keep the progress posted.

Happy Quilting


Shower curtain quilt

I replaced the shower curtain liner today and it seemed like a good time to take a few pictures of my shower curtain quilt.

My bathroom is all black and white so I thought i needed a bit of color so I made this quilt to use as a shower curtain.

I purchased the vintage quilt top at a little store in Lake Odessa MI.  I didn’t want to spend countless hours hand quilting (as I always do) for a shower curtain so I did machine quilting.  It was the first time I machine quilted so It was a bit strange and my quilting is not perfect by any means.

The quilt is on a separate shower rod from the liner

I added the loops to hang it and attached them with the binding.

I think the black binding is a good match for the quilt and the bathroom.

Another fun thing I did for the bathroom is change out the old vanity with an antique The I got at a store in Iowa.  Here is the one I used before refinishing

Here is how it looks in the bathroom after refinishing

The old furniture feels more at home in the old house than the cheap cabinet that it replaced. (sorry I didn’t take a picture before I tore out the old one)

So  the message for the day is that quilts can be used in EVERY room!

Happy Quilting


50/50= 100% pain!

I decided to work on a simple vintage kit I have.  It was made in 1978.

The fabric is 50% cotton, 50% polyester and 100% pain!!

If you have never tried to applique with a  poly blend I recommend that you don’t try it!!  It is no fun.  The fabric does not hold a fold, the stitches do not seat into the fabric, pressing does not work well, all in all it is not an enjoyable experience.

All the pieces are pre-cut and it should be pretty much a no brainer to put it together……not!

I don’t know if I will finish this.  Quilting should be fun!!

I’m sure it would turn out fine, but is it worth the pain?

I think I need to save it for punishment and do something more fun for the holidays

Like decorate the tree

Happy Quilting


Something “Quilty” Fool’s Puzzle

My last few posts didn’t feature a quilt, so today I thought I would post something “quilty”.  I have been so busy with December functions that I have not has much time to work on quilting something new.

So here is one of my first finished quilts.

I bought the vintage top on eBay.  I added the border and then hand quilted it.

(click pictures to enlarge)

The pattern is called “Fool’s Puzzle” which is a variation of the Drunkard’s Path pattern.

The backing fabric is from Connecting Threads. The batting is Warm and Natural, I quilted in a 24″ hoop and used Coats cotton quilting thread and #10 quilting needles.  The rose template I used in the larger white areas came from The Stencil Company.

I was very pleased with the finished quilt. 

Happy Quilting


Christmas Quilt Update

I have been very busy lately but I am committed to finishing a christmas quilt before christmas!   I posted about starting it a few weeks back




I do a few squares on it every day so I’m now about 1/3 done.

You can see the quilting much better on the back

I’m using a very simple quilting pattern and rather large stitches with burgundy thread.

I did the binding as I got the quilting done.  If you recall for the previous post about this top it had a narrow green border and I just folded it in half…then to the back and sewed it down

You can see how that border was almost ruffled (stretched out of shape as the original maker sewed it on).  It doesnt show as much when it turns into a binding

I think I will get it done in time…and I think it is going to be pretty!

Happy Quilting


Remember to sign your work!

I love antique quilts and quilt tops!  Antique quilts are treasures of our history and yet most are anonymous.  We may never know who made them or exactly when they were made.   Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you will always get credit for your work?!

When you create your next quilt please remember to sign it so that in the future there will be no question who made it.  Quilt historians of the future will thank you!

Many quilters make labels to sew onto the quilt.  This is a great way to do it but recently I have begun to add my name and date into the  hand quilting itself.

I am currently working on my pineapple applique quilt and yesterday I added my name and date to the quilting

It may be difficult to see in the picture but it is there to be seen in the future.

Adding the information to the quilt in this way does not detract from the overall look as much as the sewn on labels that I have used in the past.  I think It blends in beautifully but does the job.

Here is a signature block I did on another quilt

Remember that your quilting work is valued and important…don’t be afraid to give yourself credit!

Happy Quilting