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I am feeling a lot better these last few days (but I do have a cold now).

I have been doing some hand quilting.

And I finished the Teddy Bear Quilt

And a leather bag I have been working on forever

I think I can get a few more done in time for Christmas….fingers crossed.

I am going to work on quilting this one

Remember this one?

The Auction for this one starts this week……the proceeds benefit The Quilt Alliance

here is the link to the auction site

There are some great quilts available which would make nice gifts.

Happy quilting


“Quilt Talk”

I saw a post of Facebook today that reminded me about the Quilt Alliance auction for 2017.  The auction is to benefit the Quilt Alliance

The deadline is July 3rd so I had to get started on it today.       The theme this year is “voices”    and the quilts need to be 16 inches square.

Here is mine which I am calling “Quilt Talk”   (need to bind it yet)

This  is leather, quilted on the Singer 66 treadle.
In addition to an online display of the quilts, the collection will be exhibited at 2017 Alliance events, including the Not Fade Away conference on July 15 in Herndon, Virginia, the Quilters Take Manhattan fundraising event in New York City on September 19, and in the Alliance booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, November 1-4. Additional exhibit venues may also be added. All quilts will be auctioned online beginning November 13, 2017 to benefit the Quilt Alliance.   I’ll post a link for the auction when that is set to go ( there will also be online voting I think)

Teddy and I took some more garden pictures today . (click on pictures to enlarge)

Maybe tomorrow I will have time to start that new quilt I am planning .

Happy Quilting


Teddy For Sale

Teddy is for sale.   Well not really Teddy but 2 Teddy quilts.

2 teddys

I made these quilts for the Animals We love contest and they are now being auctioned .  The auction funds the Quilt Alliance which does some great work for the quilt community.


The Alliance for American Quilts, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1993, supports and develops projects to document, preserve, and share the history of quilts and quiltmakers. The AAQ brings together groups and individuals from the creative, scholarly and business worlds of quiltmaking to advance the recognition of quilts and their makers in American culture.

All of the “Animals We Love” contest quilts were donated by their makers and before being auctioned, the quilts went on a national exhibition tour that began at the Utah headquarters of Handi Quilter, Inc, and included stops at the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo and the International Quilt Festival. This eBay auction is one of the Alliance’s most important annual fundraisers and provides crucial funds that support the operation of projects like Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Thank you to all of the creative and generous artists who donated their work to support the Alliance! And thank you for bidding!!

There are 2 Auctions… this week and one next.    This Teddy is for auction this week.


This one is up for auction next week


Here is the link to the auction.

There are several really great quilts available.

Happy Quilting


Cartoon Teddy Quilt Finished

I finished the quilting on the Cartoon Teddy quilt for the Quilt Alliance contest.   This is how I imagine Teddy would look if he were to be a cartoon character.

Here it is before binding


I used a very thick poly batting to give him some definition, it shows better on the back.


I used the same fabric for the binding as I did for his bandanna


And gray for the backing


Here is the post about how I drew it out and got started with the embroidery

and here is the post about the quilting

I am going to have to make another so I have one to keep because all entries become a donation to the Quilt Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and after a national exhibition tour, will be auctioned to benefit the mission of the organization.

I did draw out another on a different fabric and I think I will finish that one to keep.


Teddy almost always has a bandanna on, here he is yesterday.


Last night it came untied and I didn’t notice it was missing until I looked at the pictures.

Here he is proudly posing with the finished quilt.


He has his ears down in the picture, but often his ears are up, like in the quilt, when he is listening or thinking.


I still need to add a hanging sleeve and label but that will wait until tomorrow .

Now back to work on some of the quilts in the big pile 🙂

Happy quilting




Quilting Teddy

Yesterday (see post here) I posted about a new quilt I am doing for the Quilt Alliance .   The theme for the contest is Animals We Love.

This is how it looked last night.


I did a blanket stitch to applique the bandanna.


I finished the embroidery this morning.


the next step is to mark the quilting.   I am doing a 1/2″ grid on the diagonal.   First I marked the edges to make the 16″ square, next I drew diagonal lines corner to corner, and then drew lines measuring 1/2″ from each of the diagonals. I use a #2 mechanical pencil.  I have not had any problems with it washing out.


Next I put the batting down, it is a mottled gray.  Then batting, I am using I leftover poly scrap.  Then I pin on the top


Now to quilt it.   I considered black thread but I didn’t want it to distract from the design so I am using white YLI 40 wt hand quilting thread.   I am using a size 10 sharp Bohin needle. I am starting with the grid but I will also do some quilting on Teddy.

DSCN5665 DSCN5664

Happy Quilting

Animals We Love

I started a new quilt today.  I don’t really need a new project but this one is special.    It is for Animals We Love, the 9th Annual Quilt Alliance Contest

Quilt Alliance is a nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 1993 whose mission is to document, preserve, and share our American quilt heritage by collecting the rich stories that historic and contemporary quilts, and their makers, tell about our nation’s diverse peoples and their communities.

In support of this mission, the Alliance brings together quilt makers and designers, the quilt industry, quilt scholars and teachers, and quilt collectors to further the following goals:

  • to promote the understanding of the quilt as an important American grassroots art form
  • to make information about quilts available to a broad public
  • to educate Americans about the importance of documenting quilts and quiltmakers so that their stories will not be lost

I am a big fan of all they do for quilting and I really love the theme for this year’s quilt contest

The theme is “Animals We Love”  and quilts are to be 16 inches square.    Here is more information

Of course I have to make a Teddy quilt.   I have plans to some day make a big whole cloth with Teddy as the subject, but for this little quilt I don’t think it would work so I am doing embroidery.

First I marked off 16 inches square and then drew the picture


Then I went over it with a black marker to darken it


I need to dark because to transfer it to the fabric I place the fabric on top and trace, the dark lines show through the fabric.

I tried it on a blotchy fabric to see how it looks


It is hard to see the lines in the picture but they are there.  I decided that plain white was better. (but I will probably finish both)


I started the embroidery


When I finish that I will hand quilt it. I might need to add a bandana applique.

Teddy is watching the progress

Happy Quilting