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I am feeling a lot better these last few days (but I do have a cold now).

I have been doing some hand quilting.

And I finished the Teddy Bear Quilt

And a leather bag I have been working on forever

I think I can get a few more done in time for Christmas….fingers crossed.

I am going to work on quilting this one

Remember this one?

The Auction for this one starts this week……the proceeds benefit The Quilt Alliance

here is the link to the auction site

There are some great quilts available which would make nice gifts.

Happy quilting


Tote Bag

I made the snowflake applique block into a tote bag today

I quilted the block using 2 layers of batting for added structure and did very dense quilting which also tends to add stiffness.    I lined it with a red batik look fabric.    I decided it would look more interesting to not center the large snowflake so I made it sort of wrap around the bag.  Now that I have it made I realize I should have take pictures of the steps so I will try to get another one done this week and get pictures and write up some instructions .

I did the quilting and bag construction on my Montgomery Ward machine ( made in Japan in the 60’s).   I bought this machine because I wanted the cabinet that it came in.   The machine itself was a bit of a mess and I almost asked the people at the antique mall if I could just take the cabinet and leave the machine .  It was rusty and it would not move at all.     I decided to give it a chance and cleaned and oiled it and it came back to life.     I have still have the motor attached to it but I use it in one of my treadle bases.    This one takes singer 15 bobbins and standard needles.   it is easy to get different feet for it because they are standard low shank feet.    It makes a great zig zag stitch, the feed dogs drop, makes a great straight stitch and I love the color.    The cabinet and machine were 20  dollars….it is now one of my favorite machines.

I started to do some work on another hand quilting video.    I am working on trying to figure out the best camera angle and how to keep my hands out of the way….not an easy task!

here is a bit of it in an unedited format……and if you watch to the end you will see that Teddy makes an appearance
( Update:  I am sorry if this video is not working ….I can’t seem to get it to load properly)


One more thing today because it is close to thanksgiving and I have been thinking about all the things I am thankful for.   I have to thank those who donated to the blog.    For privacy reasons I won’t name you publicly but I truly am thankful for your support!   Your donations have gone directly to the blog costs.
Happy Quilting






More Hand Quilting and a video and more book covers

I have been working on hand quilting the background


I made a video of how I am doing that.

I also made some more book covers.

DSCN0521 DSCN0520 DSCN0519 DSCN0518

I used some Faux Leather on a few and it worked pretty well.    I think I’ll try a few with real leather at some point.

I made one for a gift so I added an initial


Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting




More piecing, garden pictures and a video

last time I posted about a new top I am making called “Table Scraps”


I did some more piecing on that.

I am using 2 inch strips


I sew together 6 and then cut into blocks


Stack up a few of them and then cut the other direction


then rearrange them


then sew them together.   once I have enough done I arrange them in the diamond shape


after they are sewn together I cut them again to be an accurate 45 degree diamond so they will all fit together to make a star


One of my fabric pieces was large enough to do a full diamond unpieced……I like the variety


2 more diamonds to go….I’ll probably piece them a bit differently…I’ll post pictures of that soon.

The finished star should be about 75 inches across and it will get a pieced scrappy border to make a finished quilt of about 85″ square

Today it finally rained……but you really can’t call it a real rain…just enough to get the grass damp and cause the humidity to go up to 90% . It has been so dry!   What we need is a good long all day rain!  I took a few garden pictures shortly after the rain.   (click pictures to enlarge)

I did another video of hand quilting….this one is quilting on an antique applique quilt.

Happy Quilting


Yes I still hand quilt

I have been posting a lot about machine quilting lately but yes I do still hand quilt.   Hand quilting is my favorite but I am also enjoying machine quilting.    Hand quilting is a long process and very rewarding!     Machine quilting is a lot faster and sometimes I want to finish a quilt in a week rather than in months .

I always have at least a few hand quilting projects going at any given time.

Here is a video of my one of my current hand quilting projects

Happy Quilting


More Hand Quilting

I made some progress on the rose quilt



I am also working on the antique applique quilt.    I am testing a new video camera ….when I get it working better I will do some videos of the progress ….here is a test


I will change the angle so you can see better and add sound but I think it is going to work ….stay tuned

I have a family of Robins nesting in the Hydrangea and the babies are getting too large for the mother to sit in the nest so the parents are taking turns standing guard at the edge of the garden.


I did a bit of treadle quilting.   The new Classic machine fits well in the treadle and does a nice stitch.


Here are a few pictures of the quilt and the back (click pictures to enlarge)


Hand Quilting the Tim way

I have been hand quilting for about 6 years now.  I learned to quilt by doing it…no one showed me the “right” way so I just did what felt right.  When I started I didn’t use a thimble but it didn’t take long to make a hole in my thumb…so I made a thimble for my thumb with leather and tape which wore out quite quickly.  I made several more with differing materials.  I finally made one with a copper pipe fitting lined with fabric and glue…this is what I am using in this short video .

You can get a brief view of Teddy check it out at the start of the video

What you can’t see in the video is what I am doing with my other hand.  I use my index finger to push the needle back up to the front …my index finger does most of the work…the copper “thumble” is what I push the needle through with.  My index finger and thumb hold the needle and move it down…my other hand pushes it back up with each stitch.

I have tried conventional hand quilting but I find it so much faster this way!

So that is the Tim way of hand quilting…I am sure that it is not the best way, or the right way, or the only way, but it is my way.

Happy Quilting