New York Beauty 2

I have a second vintage New York Beauty quilt top to hand quilt.  It also belongs to Bill Volckening and it is great.

The New York Beauty pattern has existed since the mid 1800’s with many different names along the way.  I won’t get into the evolution of the pattern/names (I’m waiting for the book….Bill is writing it now) but I feel confident that this one was made from the Mountain Mist /Sterns and Foster pattern.  These patterns were printed on the wrapper of Mountain Mist quilt batting.

NYB-Mountain mist

Here is a quilt that has been documented to be made in 1932 using the Mountain Mist pattern.


The only difference in this top is the fabric choices….scrappy rather than solids.

Much of the piecing is beautifully done….the problem is the white pieces.  They were cut so that the long outside edge is on the bias and this caused distortion as the pieces were stitched together.  I did a post a while back about fixing that bias problem  This quilt will need more than that simple fix.  I think I will end up taking out all the white pieces on the outside edges and replacing them….I happen to have a large piece of vintage muslin that will be a perfect match.   In the pictures you can see how off it is.  (click pictures to enlarge)

I won’t decide on a hand quilting pattern until I have worked on it for a while…it will tell me what to do.

It might be a few days before I get to work on it because I need to think before I cut 😉

Happy Quilting