Fall Garden

I started the fall cleanup in the garden today.     Here are the bags of what I did today.

I imagine this is about 1/10 of the total I need to do but good to make a start.

I also got some of my bulbs planted (100 today).     I need to clean up the beds so I can find the spaces where I want to plant them.   Here is a cleaned out bed.

Today I planted Tulips and anemone.  I still have 100 daffodil and 100 crocus to plant.

There are still some things that look good in the garden.   The grasses look great .

Here are a few more pictures (click on the pics to enlarge)

I picked the gourds today as well.

I also bought a few MI grown apples (ran out of steam today but maybe a pie tomorrow)

Teddy is glad I am done because he was tired of supervising.

He is sleeping now……his favorite activity is napping

I am about 1/2 way to my sales goal for the new furnace (thankfully it is still working but on its last legs)
More items added to the 25% off sale in the Etsy store here https://www.etsy.com/shop/timquilts

I think I will try to get some more yard work done tomorrow and get the rest of the bulbs planted.

Happy Gardening  and Quilting


Garden pictures and a Wilcox and Gibbs Chain Stitch Machine

Since I started collecting sewing machines I have wanted a Wilcox and Gibbs chain stitch machine.     Around the new year my quilting friend Teddy Pruett was working on making room in her studio and had one to sell, which I was happy to buy!

Next I started looking for a treadle base for it, and I found one a few months ago…..and the last part was the wooden top which I found this week.

I got the three parts put together and made a video of how it works.

I also took a bunch of garden pictures this morning…and here they are (click pictures to enlarge)

I am in the middle of a few quilts right now so back to work.

Happy quilting



I worked some more on the Blue tree quilt.    I took a break from quilting to start on the painting.    I am using acrylic paint and water……I am not worried about a fabric medium since this is a wall hanging and will not need to stand up to washings.

I have a lot of painting to go and a lot of quilting.   This is the small practice version (30″ x 45″)

the bigger one is 60″ square and I will start that soon.

Here is a tour of the garden today (click pictures to enlarge)

I got the old singer stitching beautifully!   I will show you that next time.
Happy Quilting


Tree Man

I was planning to get one of those beautiful dyed panels marked for quilting this weekend but I got sidetracked with a new idea.    I was working through my pile of fabric and came across this very dark blue upholstery fabric that is 60 inches wide and decided to cut a 60 inch square to save out for making a quilt (I bought it for purses).    Well I couldn’t help myself and I got to work on a design.

I drew this on with chalk (the chalkboard kind).    It is just to get the basic design onto the fabric , the chalk just rubs off which makes the drawing easier so I can easily erase.   Once I am happy with the design I will go back with a white wash away marker and re-mark it.    The white marker won’t rub off like the chalk so I wont loose all my lines when I start quilting it.

I finished the quilting on another small leather quilt (18×24)  I call it “some things bug me”

I got a new to me machine a few weeks ago and I gave it a tune up (it was totally frozen up ).
It is a Singer 401a and it is a great machine.

And here are more garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

And Teddy

Happy Quilting!




I have been working on a few new things.   This green leather wall hanging is nearly done, I just need to add the binding.

Here is a preview of the next one.

I am planning to start a new quilt.   It will be similar to the peacock quilt.

I have 3 more fabric panels that were hand dyed by my friend Debra Linker.

Remember being a kid and looking up at the clouds and trying to decide what the shapes looked like?   These fabric panels are much the same…..I stare at them and see different shapes……I have to decide what shape I want to use as the quilting design.   I will be basting one of them this weekend and marking it for quilting so I will post some pictures of what I decided.

I did a video of how I quilted this bag.

It is about an hour long so watch when you have some extra time.

and here is Teddy saying “time to water”

and some more garden photos

“Quilt Talk”

I saw a post of Facebook today that reminded me about the Quilt Alliance auction for 2017.  The auction is to benefit the Quilt Alliance

The deadline is July 3rd so I had to get started on it today.       The theme this year is “voices”    and the quilts need to be 16 inches square.

Here is mine which I am calling “Quilt Talk”   (need to bind it yet)

This  is leather, quilted on the Singer 66 treadle.
In addition to an online display of the quilts, the collection will be exhibited at 2017 Alliance events, including the Not Fade Away conference on July 15 in Herndon, Virginia, the Quilters Take Manhattan fundraising event in New York City on September 19, and in the Alliance booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, November 1-4. Additional exhibit venues may also be added. All quilts will be auctioned online beginning November 13, 2017 to benefit the Quilt Alliance.   I’ll post a link for the auction when that is set to go ( there will also be online voting I think)

Teddy and I took some more garden pictures today . (click on pictures to enlarge)

Maybe tomorrow I will have time to start that new quilt I am planning .

Happy Quilting


End of the Garden Season

Monday is the last day the city will pick up garden waste so I got some garden cleanup done.  My composer if full to the brim so it has to go out in bags for city pickup. (the city will compost it)

here are a few of the bags


Fall came very late this year so there are still trees with leaves and I could rake every day ….because they blow in from everywhere.

Lots of plants needed to be cut back…..if they don’t get done now it will have to be done in the spring.

Some things I don’t cut back.  I think the ornamental grasses look great all winter.


I have some ferns that are evergreen.


Hydrangea look pretty even when they lose all their leaves.


The oak leaf hydrangea has pretty fall color


The dogwood still has pretty colored leaves.


The fairy rose is not ready to quit


lots of leaves to clean out of the beds.


when I look past the work it does look pretty.


I did a bit of quilting.    I am making another bag using recycled Jeans legs.  Doing the free motion quilting on the Singer 66-18.  Here is the front panel.


Happy Gardening/quilting



I am trying out something new.  I am basting a quilt using my hand quilting frame.   I loaded the quilt like I would for hand quilting but I will pin baste it in the frame then take it out for quilting.


I have a book cover in progress with the Singer 15


And I had Teddy do a check on the Rose Quilt


Click on pictures to enlarge

Happy Quilting


Scrappy Wonky Quilt Finished

I finished up the hand quilting and binding on the scrappy 1900 quilt.


I left the edges wonky rather than trying to square it up and have to cut off a lot of fabric.    My goal with this was to make it look like it was all made by the same person. I imagined how the person who made the top might do the quilting and I figured they would be as unconcerned for uniformity in the quilting as they were in the piecing so the quilting is intentionally irregular.
Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I made a video of how I did the binding. (Teddy makes an appearance)

And here are some more pictures of the garden today

Happy Quilting


We have had a few short rain showers the last few days and the flowers appreciate it! (click pictures to enlarge)

I made another Journal

DSCN0654 DSCN0658

Now back to work on hand quilting……almost at the half way point on this one.


Happy Quilting