Back to it

I am feeling a lot better these last few days (but I do have a cold now).

I have been doing some hand quilting.

And I finished the Teddy Bear Quilt

And a leather bag I have been working on forever

I think I can get a few more done in time for Christmas….fingers crossed.

I am going to work on quilting this one

Remember this one?

The Auction for this one starts this week……the proceeds benefit The Quilt Alliance

here is the link to the auction site

There are some great quilts available which would make nice gifts.

Happy quilting


4 thoughts on “Back to it

  1. says:

    Hi Tim, Your quilting is extraordinary ! I admire the creative patterns and the work you put into making each piece a treasure. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I’m still craving the purse in the beginning of this email. I will dream of owning it for sure. Molly Dinneen

  2. Kristen says:

    So happy to hear you’re feeling better!

  3. Deb says:

    Every time I see that tree face ,it makes me smile! Glad to hear you doing better!

  4. Susie Q says:

    So great to see your purple piece has a great bid.


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