My new furnace was installed today!

It took most of the day for installation so while that was happening I worked on a new bag.   It will hopefully be up for sale at the Etsy store soon https://www.etsy.com/shop/timquilts

I used the Wheeler and Wilson for one side and Singer VS for the other.   The furnace guy appreciated my old machines (and I counted them today and there are 50)

Here is a link to a nice interview I did with Quiltmaker  http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/2017/10/saturday-morning-quilt-break-quilting-with-tim-latimer/

The trees outside my studio windows are changing.

My appointment to have the stones removed from my pancreas is Nov 16th.   After that I hope to be my old self again!!

I am way behind on reading and responding to comments but I hope to catch up soon 🙂

Happy Quilting!


12 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I loved the interview with you Tim. I’ve read your blog and followed your work ever since the white? Tree of Life quilt. I was originally surprised to see some of your quilts in other styles after that (am not surprised/disappointed at all) but I think you are clearly an artist and very good at what you do, regardless of what that is. Keep on trying new things and becoming proficient at them.

  2. Glenda johnstone says:

    As always loved your interview and seeing your work.. happy to know you will be warm and toasty this winter! I put a reminder of you on my calendar for your surgery date, and will say a prayer for you on that day.

  3. Rose in VT says:

    Great news on the furnace! Will be thinking of you on surgery day, speedy healing.

  4. annette jacob says:

    Tim, I can’t believe you are still walking around with gall stones. They are so excruciating, people get them removed immediately….In my opinion,
    November 16 ain’t soon enough! But, I’m sure you will feel like a new
    and improved Tim!!! Also, nice job on the new bag :-).

  5. Pat says:

    Beautiful as usual. You always do exceptional work. Will be thinking of you before, during and after surgery. Positive thoughts!

  6. Good time to get a new furnace installed. We had a new one installed a few years ago & it was freezing that day! I was all bundled up in the house!
    Less than a month to wait for the removal of the Pancreas stones. Hopefully you’ll be a new man!
    What beautiful trees!

  7. Carolyn Moffit says:

    Praying that all goes well on the 16th. You got your new furnace just in time to keep you warm while you recover. The new bag looks great so far. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  8. Amie says:

    You got your new furnace..YAYYYYYYYY!!! Im so happy you and Teddy aren’t cold anymore! I loved your interview too. As a hand quilter AND longarmer I just can’t even fathom anyone commenting to me the things that were said to you. Thinking about that makes me have eye seizures (rolling of the eyeballs when somebody is being an ass). Ours lives are getting shorter but our creativity grows lightspeed, so much to learn, love, create, make and DO! Amie 🙂

  9. Diedra Garlock says:

    Tim, so glad you finally got a definitive diagnosis and that there is a fix for it. Hopefully a speedy recovery. A new furnace makes a huge difference in comfort and economy. Enjoy, Diedra

  10. Sherry Southgate says:

    Loved the article. It was like sitting in your living room with you and chatting. Thank you!

  11. lilquilter says:

    Thinking of you, Tim, and hoping all goes well on the 16th. No need to reply – just get well soon!
    Lil from Wilmington, DE


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