new quilts added

I did it.   I listed all of these quilts for sale.   Most are hand quilted.     I am selling them for much less than I should but it is time to learn to let go, and it is time to pay some medical bills 🙂    and I need a new furnace.

Next post will be about a NEW project 🙂

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “new quilts added

  1. Pat says:

    All beautiful.

  2. Kristen Steiner says:

    Good for you — some of them feel so familiar, old friends of mine. I hope they find good homes and fast. You know me; they would be most welcome in my home if not for the danger of Andrew spotting the suspiciously quilt-sized boxes at the door. Sigh. But hmm….I do think I’ll, um, load your store on my iPad and, er, just happen to mention it, and, uh, just pass the iPad over. He’s as susceptible as I am….

  3. Judy K says:

    I love it all and hope you have a smashing success with these wonderful items.

  4. Ellie says:

    How do you find the time to turn out so many beautiful things?


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