Weekend Update

I made a video of a Wheeler and Wilson W9 sewing machine that I have .      I found an attachment that allows it to use standard singer type feet.

I also added a few more quilts for sale to my etsy site https://timquilts.patternbyetsy.com


And I plan to add these tomorrow.

I heard back from my Dr and I have another appointment on Oct 11.    The appointment is to discuss the procedure to remove the stones and add a stent to the blocked duct.     Looking forward to it!

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Louise C says:

    October is a ‘get well’ month. I wish that the medical procedure will go well and that you will recover promptly! Your quilts are always so vivid and stimulating. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Take care now!

  2. annette jacob says:

    will be thinking about you October 11. The good news is you’ll be your
    old self again:-). Thanks for all your help, Tim.

  3. glendajean says:

    Dear Tim so glad they have finally found out what’s wrong and they can fix it. 2018 has to be a good year for you. Thinking of you and hope the op is soon. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  4. Rose in VT says:

    Tim: Good luck with the action plan, and hope you’re feeling much better quickly. The quilt I got from you last winter hangs over my bannister and I’ve had compliments from everyone who’s seen it, so I’m testimony to the quilts you have looking as good in person as they do on your website! Take care.

  5. anngenaske says:

    I’m sorry you have to wait yet another 2 weeks to see your doctor for a game plan. I hope they won’t make you wait months for the actual procedure. Thoughts are with you,

  6. Louise says:

    Your quilts are so eclectic! I really love the variety of colors and patterns that you sew. Good luck with your next doctor’s appointment.

  7. Ellie says:

    These are beautiful! Please say they are not hand quilted. I think I missed something. What kind of stones?

  8. jean f says:

    thank you so much for the info! I’ve been frustrated with machine quilting and now understand why. this has been very helpful! Hope you get good help for your stones soon!


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